Parallels Plesk Billing v6.0 (Standalone) Release Notes


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation and Update Instructions
  3. What's New
    1. Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0
  4. Known Problems and Limitations
  5. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Thank you for downloading this release of Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0. This file contains information that supplements the Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0 documentation such as requirements, information on new features, corrected bugs, known problems etc. This file was updated with the latest information available at release time.

Parallels Plesk Billing comes in 2 distributions: Standalone and Bundled with Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0. This release notes are specifically for standalone version.

If need to install your Parallels Plesk Billing over Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0 and have them integrated automatically, please refer to Bundled version release notes

2. Installation and Update Instructions

Refer to the Parallels Plesk Billing Installation Guide available at to obtain instructions on installing and upgrading Plesk Control Panel.

Other documentation on Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0 is available at

Parallels Plesk Billing Knowledge Base is available at

3. What's New

Parallels Plesk Billing 6.0.0

  1. [+] Tight integration with Parallels Plesk Panel, including cross navigation without password via Parallels Single Sign-On Service, ability to open Parallels Plesk Panel from Parallels Plesk Billing or vice versa, actual client balance and due date shown in Parallels Plesk Panel.
  2. [-] Built-in HelpDesk is not supported anymore, built-in HelpDesk is abandoned. Please consider using any 3rd party solution.


[+] new feature

[-] bug fixed or removed

[*] bug fixed and improvement made

4. Known Problems and Limitations

6. Contact Information

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